Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Spears a good role model for troubled Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. The two seem as inseparable as … well, actually, even though they seem like they should be pop culture BFFs, they reportedly aren’t sipping pastel-hued cocktails together anymore. Back in March, Spears’ dad Jamie put the kibosh on any continued friendship when Lohan reached out to ask Spears for career advice. (Insert your own smart-alecky retort here.)

The fact that Spears’ dad ordered her to stay away from one of her pals even though she is 28 suggests the parental instinct to protect children from impending disasters never really diminishes despite the passage of time, and in many cases intensifies. Of course, he is the conservator of her affairs as well, so he is vigilant about constructing business as well as personal barriers to his daughter.

Britney Spears to come out with her ninth fragrance

Popstar Britney Spears is all set to come out with her ninth signature fragrance titled Radiance, just two months after launching its predecessor.

The perfume will come in a faux rhinestone-encrusted blue and pink bottle.

The fragrance is made with tuberose, jasmine, orange flower, wild berries and iris, Contactmusic reported.

The 28-year-old singer described it as being "very feminine".

The Toxic hitmaker's previous perfumes, which include Fantasy and Curious, have all been successful and she is hoping for the same with this one.

Britney also came out with her first fashion line for American label Candie's recently and the singer says she only wanted to design clothes she would wear herself.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Britney Spears : Spears doesn't want kids in showbiz

Britney Spears has revealed she doesn't want her children to follow in her showbiz footsteps.

The pop superstar wants her two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline - four-year-old Sean Preston and three-year-old Jayden James - to avoid the downsides of fame that she has had to deal with since becoming a celebrity in her teens.

"If my sons told me they wanted to be in the entertainment business, I'd lock them in their rooms until they turned 30," she told US Cosmopolitan.

She added: "[The attention] is something I always knew would come with the job I chose."

The 28-year-old also admitted she's not looking forward to discussing the birds and the bees with them.

"I'm dreading the moment when my sons ask me how babies are made," she said.

Britney has been enjoying life with her boys, who have finished pre-school.

"Things are pretty quiet right now. I've been spending a lot of time at home with my boys. They just started karate class, which is super cute!"

Glee WILL Have A Britney Spears Episode

At the moment we have a big hole in our TV schedule that desperately wants to be filled by the next series of hit US show, Glee.

But while we wait (impatiently) for the show to return, we can be soothed for a little while with the news that Glee will have a Britney Spears episode.

According to Heatworld, creator Ryan Murphy said: “We are writing a Britney Spears episode.”

However, it is not known whether Britters herself will appear on the show or whether Lea Michele and co will sing Britney's greatest hits.
We wonder what Matthew Morrison will think as in the past the actor who plays Mr Schu has made it clear that he's not happy about a Britney episode...

Britney Spears Reveals 'Blackout' Track List

Bitney Spears has confirmed the track list for "Blackout," her first studio album in four years. The 12-track set begins with "Gimme More," which holds at No. 3 this week on the Billboard Hot 100. "Blackout" was moved from a Nov. 13 to an Oct. 30 release earlier this week due to widespread leaks of its songs. Among the collaborators on the album are producers Bloodshy & Avant on "Piece of Me," "Toy Soldier," "Freakshow" and "Radar," Kara DioGuardi on "Heaven and Earth" and Nate "Danjahandz" Hills on "Gimme More," "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)," "Hot As Ice" and "Perfect Lover." T-Pain is credited as one of three writers on "Hot As Ice," while Pharrell Williams wrote, co-produced (as half of the Neptunes) and sings backup on closer "Why Should I Be Sad." Here is the track list for "Blackout": "Gimme More" "Piece of Me" "Radar" "Break the Ice" "Heaven on Earth" "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" "Freakshow" "Toy Soldier" "Hot As Ice" "Ooh Ooh Baby" "Perfect Lover" "Why Should I Be Sad"

Britney Spears sets Twitter record with 5 mn followers

LOS ANGELES: Pop princess Britney Spears has beat off competition from all fellow celebrities to become the first person to have 5 million followers on the social networking website Twitter.

The 'Toxic' hitmaker overtook actor Ashton Kutcher, the first member to reach one million supporters, as the most popular celebrity on the forum last week and has now set a new record with a fan following of 5,015,346.

Spears has thanked all fans for their support and invited devotees to send in their questions via her Twitter blog and she responded to them throughout the week.

"This is really amazing! I love you all! I better get busy writing 4,947,608 thank you notes! U guys make me so happy," she wrote on her Twitter page.

The 28-year-old singer has an account on Twitter since 2008.

Britney Spears : Spears in Forbes' highest paid musicians list

LONDON: Singer Britney Spears has made it to the Forbes' list of highest-earning musicians which is lead by U2.

The "Toxic" singer was named in the top five highest-earning musicians in the world after she was estimated to have made $63.90 million in last year.

Her return to the world stage follows a turbulent couple of years in her personal life during which she was hospitalised on several occasions and eventually placed under the conservatorship of her father.

In December 2008 her sixth album "Circus" was released and 3.5 million copies were sold worldwide. Meanwhile, her tour "The Circus" grossed more than $131.47 million, reports telegraph.co.uk.

U2 that tops the list were the highest-earning musicians in the world after earning $129.80 million in 2009.

1. U2 - $129.8m

2. AC/DC - $113.9m

3. Beyonce Knowles - $86.8m

4. Bruce Springsteen - $69.86m

5. Britney Spears - $63.90m

6. Jay-Z - $62.83m

7. Lady Gaga - $61.91m

8. Madonna - $57.94m

9. Kenny Chesney - $49.83

10.Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay - $47.85